Bringing out the Big Guns

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that anyone ever worried about a Japanese warship sailing up the Puget Sound.  Not just thought about, but seriously worried about.   Yet around this area, there are a whole string of WWII-vintage naval defenses.  I’d been to other forts in Washington and although I had fun running around the decrepit concrete tunnels at Fort Canby, but it’s hard to really imagine what things were like when instead of its vintage compliment of 6″ disappearing guns, it now has a Lewis and Clark Museaum.

Fort Casey isn’t like that.

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These guns are massive.  The logistics of just building a place like this is hard to imagine when you figure it would probably never get used.  They still have guns in the ready-to-fire and retracted positions.  A nice place to climb around in the driving rain and freezing wind.

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The supporting buildings are all there too.  Rusty metal, dark concrete chambers, not-up-to-code pathways – the works.  I love places like this, and the view, as you’d expect, is amazing.  Nice piece of history, not far from home.  A few more pictures at the bottom.

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