Fire Hydrants Are People Too

Not that you would have any way of knowing it, but some of my favorite pictures are of fire hydrants.  I had to go back and look to see if I’d ever posted any, but a little textual mention was all I found.  The only picture of mine I have up at home is a fire hydrant, and then this weekend when I was out at Gas Works Park, I saw this (or rather I had it pointed out to me by my sister):

HDR fire hydrant in Gas Works Park

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It’s a fire hydrant.  With eyes.  On a beautiful sunny day in Gas Works Park.  I shot this one in HDR using my standard method (Av Mode, auto bracketing at +/- 2 stops, attempt to hold still) and I think it came out nicely.  I like HDR for simple subjects because of the way the details are highlighted really gives a sense of depth and seperation between the foreground and background.  Or because it looks cool.  One of those.

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