Nobody Messes With The Chicken

Chumporn Chicken

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The rule of thumb seems to be that the less developed the country, the more aggressive the fowl. Comparatively, this was a smaller chicken – the largest two roosters I saw were the ones that lived under my bungalow in Koh Tao. In any case, this one had some attitude – look at that stare.

On a photo nerd note, this picture makes me want to mention that there are times you want to break some of those classic rules.  The rule of thirds makes for much more interesting pictures about 95% of the time, but this is one of the times where it’s all about the subject and leaving it off-center would probably detract from the image.  When you really want all focus on one obvious thing, put it in the middle of the frame.  If you want to remind people that there is a larger image to look at, rule of thirds is great.


    1. The first “rule” of wildlife photography is also “nail the focus on the eye.” Sure, this can be broken, but it’s especially useful for wildlife/animal portraits. It engages the viewer with the photo subject, and in this case, that is a chicken. She is looking threateningly at YOU, the VIEWER, which really makes the shot work. If she was looking somewhere else, the photo wouldn’t be nearly as powerful.


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