Birds On A Wire

Pigeons on a telephone wire – classic picture, right?

Pigeons on a Telephone Wire

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Even so, finding the right shot can be hard.  I wanted the simple lines and symmetry in the wires.  Sun should be up but not right overhead.  You need some pigeons in there, right?  Well I was out shooting radio towers and I just saw this out of the corner of my eye.  Want more?  Hit the jump for the rest of the post.

As much as I like this shot in color, the fact that it only had about three colors in it and that what drew me to it most was the geometric aspects, I figured I’d try black and white.  That seemed a little drab so I duotoned it a sort of warm sepia color.  Photoshop makes this really easy and I think I like the results even better.  What do you think of this one?

Sepia-tinted Pigeons picture


  1. Your photo of the birds on the wire would be a wonderful compliment to a cd cover that I am doing for a friend. The album will have local distribution and be given away. May I have permission to use your photo for the back cover where the song list will be posted?


    1. Hey PJill,
      I’d be happy to let you use it. Could I get some images of the cover when you’ve got it together? I’d like to add it to my portfolio.


  2. Hi Ari, I was looking for hours on the internet yesterday for images for a poster I am making to promote a new event. I was drawn instantly to yours… and it has become one of the main images.

    The event is called “THREADS”… the concept is gathering artists of various disciplines and tying the threads together. So threads means.. communication threads/links between people/the interconnectiveness of things in general…

    ANYWAY… its the first event.. there’s no money in it… and its all a bit of a beautifully shambolic work in progress…

    cut a long story short… can I use your image in the poster and the website (when I get around to building one)??

    if this thing grows at some point it would be nice to invite you to have an exhibit at the event… and collaborate with other artists… its in Edinburgh,


    1. Hey Liam,
      Always happy to help out someone starting things up. Please feel free to use either image and I can possibly provide you with higher-res versions if you need them. If you could credit me or link back, that would be all I ask. Hope it goes well!


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