Bend Panorama Done Right

Yesterday I put up this panorama I took in Bend, OR.  I was excited that it came out nicely, and when my computer barfed trying to edit this huge file, I just posted what I had.  Today I wanted to do it right, so here we go.  This one has the edits I wanted, plus click for the extra large and pretty version!

Panoramic view of Cascade peaks from Bend OR

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Today’s post comes with a bonus too – name those peaks!

Panoramic mountain view from Bend OR, with labels on mountain peaks


Ah… that’s better.


  1. I would like a daytime photo to frame if possible with the winter snow.

    However I might have to settle for what I can get.

    Cool photo



  2. Hey Jerry – I don’t think I shot any in the day, but next time I’m in town, I’ll definitely remember.


    1. Thanks Sarah – I don’t think I have any with Bachelor – I think it’s too far south from where I was shooting which made it too small… if I’m ever in the same area I’ll check for sure!


  3. I’ve been looking everywhere for a pano like this! I’m getting this range as a tattoo on the first! Is it alright if I use your photo with the labels as a reference? Absolutely beautiful picture.


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