Classic Cars From The Vault

I used to work at a place that had something to do with cars.  While I was there, my photography thing and my work thing seemed to overlap and I got to take some pictures of cars we were reviewing as well as a whole lot of car shows.  The kind of pictures that worked […]

Digging In The Vault #2 – Mosaic Monsters

One of my favorite shots from the Grand Palace in Bangkok was the mosaic tile monsters.  I’d call it a dragon, but do dragons have large fins on their heads?  I remain confused. The colors and artwork is amazing.  I should have stopped down a bit though – the depth of field at this angle […]

Digging In The Vault #1 – Thailand

Sairee Beach on Koh Tao is pretty great.  Very picturesque, nice sand, and every tourist around will be there to shoot pictures like this around sunset.  But I think this post sets a different kind of record for me. I’ve been employed for all of two weeks now and already I’m digging in the vault […]

What Guards Your City?

I haven’t had a chance to get out and shoot much recently, so I went digging in the vault again.  This is one of my favorite pictures – not so much because I did anything wonderful, but because I was in the right place and just didn’t mess it up. This could have easily been […]

Dutch Tulips

Spring in Seattle is when all the tulips bloom, especially the big farms in the Skagit Valley.  Spring on the blog is when the searches for tulips in Skagit Valley exceed the searches for bokeh. I was digging in the archives and came across this.  Check out the date – serious blast from the past! […]

Spring Is Coming. I'm Pretty Sure.

Every year I forget how miserable I get when the sun never really comes up in the morning.  We call that half of the year winter.  I also forget how much I like it when spring starts showing up.  It was sunny for the last couple of days around here (if you ignore that rain […]