Happy Solstice Sunset

Summer in Seattle makes the winter almost worthwhile.  Yesterday was the solstice and it was light out until almost 10 PM.  Not a cloud to be seen and perfect weather.

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I’ll admit that this picture wasn’t from the solstice proper – I took it a week or two back, but it was on one of our other perfect days.  Downtown doesn’t have as much of a focal point as I’d like – the space needle is way too far north and most of the bigger and more distinct buildings are buried down the hill.  The twin circular towers of the Westin are about the more distinctive things we have.  It does remind me of the World’s Fair 1960’s style stuff that still lingers (space needle, monorail, etc) so I guess that’s ok.


Most of my pictures are an attempt to capture something I see the way I see it.  The flip side of that is the way the camera lets you capture something removed from the scene itself.  Behold, spikes!

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This is the kind of scene that I really wish I’d have brought the macro lens out for, but you shoot with what you’ve got.  Usually shooting mid-day doesn’t work that well as there are no shadows with the sun overhead.  Shooting a vertical surface like this turns the regular rules around as you get the best shadows with vertical light.