Oyster Shell Mountain

Maybe I’m a bad Washingtonian.  Until recently, I’d lived here for 8 years and never made it all the way to the coast.  I knew that there was a burgeoning oyster and shellfish fishery but I never really figured out where it was.  Well… both of those things have now been corrected.  Driving to Long Beach WA, we passed Willapa Bay – the source of all these oysters.  I guess the other thing that didn’t really occur to me is that if you catch tons and tons of oysters in one place, you probably end up with a lot of shells.

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Welcome to Seaview

South of Long Beach WA is a little town called Seaview – more of a community really.  Many of the houses date from the 1800’s and the whole place feels like what I imagine New England would feel like if transported to the west coast.  I mean… I imagine because people have told me that, not because I’ve been to New England.  Anyway, Seaview is a nice place to stare at the ocean, or attempt to drive into it.

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Winter Leaves are Brown and Crunchy

Last year I took a bunch of pictures of fallen leaves while they were red and yellow and gorgeous and such.  I will admit that the short time between summer and pouring rain is pretty beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.

This year I wanted to do something different.  Well… either different or I was asleep at the switch while things were so colorful.  No – it was on purpose.  I swear.  After the colors comes the crunch:

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There is something to be said for these leaves too.  What they lose in beauty they more than make up in character.  You can just hear the crunch, yeah?  One more shot, same style, different background:

Favorites?  #1 or #2?  I go between.  I like the framing of the second but I like the vibrancy of the first.