Low Light Abstracts Your Photography

I mentioned the Seattle Underground Tour in the last post.  Low light, shoving tourists, not a lot of time.  In cases like this, you get a lot of what you get:

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Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing though.  Back in the film days it was more of a change, but even now it feels odd to some people: taking good pictures is all about taking a whole lot of picture.  What you get will vary and what you expect to like might not be what you do.  For these shots, I wasn’t trying to really document what I was seeing because I knew it wouldn’t come out, but I like the effect anyway.

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The hand-held shots means camera shake.  High ISO means noise.  Funny lighting means… funny light.  It just is what it is and these two, I liked.  Wish I’d have taken more, but it was a tour, not photo time.  Oh… and if you are wondering, these two are both the old glass sidewalk skylights common in Pioneer Square – if you see them on the street, the ground underneath is hollow.

Someone Has Got Some Cleaning To Do

When you like a picture, it doesn’t have to be for any particular reason. Maybe the reason I like this is because it’s old-timey. Maybe because an antique sink, completely covered in dust just has some charm. Maybe it’s because the Seattle Underground Tour is fun for the whole family. Or maybe it’s because this is the most anthropomorphic sink I’ve ever seen.

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C’mon – there’s a face in that, right?  He’s even got a different color for one eye.  That’s great stuff!  But yeah.  A sink.  I just liked it.  Getting a little photography wonky, it was a dark tour.  I took it with my 50mm, which goes down to 1.8, but when you’re being jostled by the crowd, you don’t have a lot of time to set up or a tripod, so you get what you can and I liked how this came out.  With low light, you can often lose some color, which made me want to try it in black and white.  Hit the jump to see that one!

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